Saturday 25 August 2012

Tyne Toucan, step by step.

 Here is the step by step, of the Tyne Toucan salmon fly, the head bailiff Gary of the Bywell estate beat on the river Tyne, tied this fly and out of 600 plus salmon in the 2011 season the fly caught 100 of them.
the hook i am tying the fly on is size 6 Deer-creek double gold,
 Here i have tied on the thread, which is Danville black 70 denier. and the oval tinsel size small silver for tag and rib,
 Now tie in the tail, which is a GP rump feather dyed red.
 Here i have tied off the and cleaned up unwanted feather stem.
 Now tie in the top tail, GP crest feather.
 Now trim of the unwanted stem, and clean up body with thread.
 Now wind on the rib,
 Now we tie in the wing, GP rump feather again.
 Trim off the unwanted feather parts,
 Now catch in the first hackle, i have used a extra long GP breast feather dyed red. the original fly was tied with BEP feather, but i have had great results and my customers with the GP breast feather.
 First hackle cleaned up,
 Now the second hackle, here i am using a mallard flank dyed red.
 Second hackle cleaned up,
 Now we tie in the cheeks of Jungle cock.
 And above the finished fly,
 And above a set of Toucans tied on double hooks,
 Also tied on singles, size 6 Deer creek salmon hooks. and tied in a range of colours. 
 Also tied on tubes and cone heads,
 Toucan tube cone head,

 Yellow Toucan,

 Black Toucan,
A tied in Orange,

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