Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Bronze mallard Akroyd

 This is my take on the pattern Akroyd, but using a bronze mallard spey wing. although i also use the same pattern with a Dee, i do like it tied and fished this way. here i am tying the fly on a Blue heron size 3 hook.
 Now i tie in the thread at the head of the hook, and then run thread back down to the point of the hook. here i am using Danville thread 70 denier white,
 Now we tie in the tail, using Golden pheasant crest feather.
 Here i have tied in Golden pheasant tippet feather, on top of the crest feather.
 Here i have trimmed off unwanted material, and cleaned up with the tying thread.
 Now i tie in the rib, for the rear body.
 And here i have dubbed the rear body, with orange seals fur.
 Now i tie in the rear hackle, to be wound over the dubbing. back down the hook to the point,
 Here i have wound the hackle on, and over wound the rib back up hook. this is to lock in the hackle,
 Now i tie in some Ostrich herl, for the join in the body.
 Here i have wound on the ostrich, and will trim off unwanted end.
 Now it is time ti tie in the materials for the forward body, here i have tied in the spey hackle and rib,
 And here i tie in black floss, for the body.
 Now i have wound on the body floss,
 Now i wind on the rib, note i have done five turns as with the back ribbing. that is the norm with ribbing,
 Now here i have wound on the hackle, tight behind the rib which is size medium.
 Now its time to tie in the collar, here i have use natural  mallard flank feather.
 Here i have tied in the collar, and wound on three turns.
 Here i have trimmed off unwanted material,
 Now i tie in the jungle cock cheeks low,
 Now i tie in the wings, i always tie these in and leave the centre feather stem on. this will help to stop the the feather splitting when tying in,
 Here i have trimmed off unwanted wing material,
 And above the finished fly, with a coat of varnish on head.
And above, some of the colors i use. orange/ pink & olive.
 And here is another take on the fly, tied in all orange great for prawn / shrimp pattern,
And here i have used slim genetic feather tips in orange, for the Dee wing i like these as they stand up better for casting and fishing.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Intruder, step by step.

 The Intruder, is a fly that was put together by Ed Ward, for fishing steelhead, in the big rivers in BC area and States. it is a fly that can give you a big profile for a light dressed fly, and the movement on these flies is amazing. i have been using them for about 3 seasons for sewin at night, and will say they work very well and in my mind. look better than a snake fly that i fish a lot, 
Above, i have put a 5/0 salmon hook in the vise. you can also use a waddington shank for this pattern, 
 Above, showing the main hook, and the stinger hook set on 0.24" nylon coated wire.
 Above, i have run thread down hook. to the point of hook, here i am using Danville thread 240 denier white.
 And now, i have catch in the stinger wire with thread.
 Now run thread up the shank, there is no need like a lot of tiers do. run the stinger wire though eye of hook,
 Here i have finished the thread on shank, and trimmed the thread.
 Now i coat the thread, with varnish thin get it to soak in to the thread. when dry it will lock all together, the stinger hook will never pull out.When the Intruder is finished cut off the hook on main body,
 Now we catch in the thread at the point of hook,
 Now tie in some chenille, this acts a a pillow and flares out any material tied in behind it.
 Now trim off unwanted chenille,
 Now i tie in some Ostrich each side of shank, for tail and movement.
 Now i tie in a purple saddle hackle,
 Here i have wound on the hackle,
 Here i have trimmed off unwanted material.
 Now i have made a dubbing loop,
 Here i have waxed the loop, and put in the loop some lady Amherst pheasant center tail.
 Now i have spun the loop,
 Now i have wound on the dubbing loop.
 Now i have cleaned up ends,
 Now tie in some Krystal flash,
 Here i have tied in some Hareline diamond braid, and run up hook shank.
Now we repeat the back end tying, for the front hackle.
 Tie in Chenille pillow,
 Tie in saddle hackle,
 Clean up hackle,
 Now i have done a dubbing loop and tied in Amherst,

 Now i tie in dumbells at the head, some tiers tie it in first but i like it my way.
 Now we wax thread, and use dubbing to cover head. to finish fly.

 Above, some of the colors i use,note i have also use plastic jungle cock on some of them. these are sold by www.Deercreek.co.uk ,
 And above, the four colors together. These and my snaketruders are always in my sewin boxes,