Tuesday 21 August 2012

Cascade step by step

 Place the hook in vise, here i am using a golds size 6 Deer-creek double.
 Now catch in the thread,here i am using Danville 70 denier black.
 Now i have tied in size small oval silver tinsel, and made a tag.
 Now take the oval tinsel back under the hook, and it is ready for the rib.
 Now we are ready for the tail, it's a mix of yellow and orange bucktail.
 Now we have tied in the tail,
 Now trim the unwanted bucktail, trim it on a taper. that way you get a neater body, i have also added some orange kystal flash.
 Now tie in the rear body, silver holographic tinsel.
 Now run the rib up the body, and tie off.
 Now tie in the wing, here i have used black squirrel.
 Now i add in some micro pearl tinsel.
 Now tie in the first hackle, yellow tied in by the tip.
 Here the the hackle has been wound on, and tied off.
 Now, tie in the front hackle orange again by the tip.
 Here i have wound on the hackle, now you need to trim off unwanted stem.
And here we have the finished fly, this is my first one and i will try and do one a week.

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