Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Prawn tube, step by step.

This pattern again, uses the Scandinavian tube system and is a very easy fly to tie.

 Here you can see i have cut the tube to 1" long, added the inner lining tube. and the junction tube to hold hook,
 Now i have pushed tube onto the vise,
 Now i bind the joint of the outer tube to the inner tube.
 And now a touch of super glue, to lock both together.
 Now i catch in the thread, i am using 70 denier Danville white.
 Now i catch in a saddle feather, i am using whiting saddle dyed orange.
 Here i have wound on the hackle, and cleaned up.
 Now its time for the feelers, here i have used Asian heron.
 Here you can see, i have tied in feather by the tip.
 Here i have wound on the heron hackle, and cleaned up the tying.
 Now to add on a few more legs, here i have used Amherst dyed orange to add colour.
 Here they are tied in,
 Now it is time to tie in some harder feelers, here i have used wild boar again dyed orange.
 Above i have tied in two sets of two, wild boar feelers.
 Now i have cleaned up the tying.
 Now i add in some flash, again in orange.
 Now its time to make the prawns eyes, i take 5" of mono and burn one end with a lighter.
 Now i have two small black beads,
 Now i thread the beads on to the mono, note i have burnt both ends of the mono. stopping the beads coming off,.
 Now i coat both beads with Deercreek UV resin and set it hard, this is by far the best resin on the market.
 Now you can see the finished eyes,
 Now here you can see the both eyes set on the prawn,
 Now i have cleaned up the tying, and tie in some rib here i use oval gold medium.

 Now i tie in another whiting saddle,
 Now time to build up the body of prawn, i use Veniard glister orange.
 Now i roll the dubbing on thread,
 Now i run the dubbing down the body,
 Now i wind the hackle down the body,
 Now i rib the hackle,
 Now its time to put the shell on the prawn, i use golden pheasant rump feather dyed orange.
 Above, is a close up of rump feathers,
 Now i clean the unwanted fluff of the base of feathers.
 Now i tie in the two rump feathers, i tie them in tented shape.
 Now its time to tie in the third feather on top of the first two.
 Now i tie in a large rump feather, ate the rear of the tie.
 Now i push on a brass cone, to the rear of prawn.
And above, the finished fly, hope you like it and tie it. very good for salmon sewin and bass, i tie the in many colours, like red , purple and orange.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Scandinavian style tube step by step.

Here is a step by step of this style of tube, which is becoming very popular in the UK now. i have been using it for some time now, and really like the way of tying.

 Above, are the parts needed for these tube flies, junction  tube inner and outer tube.
 Above, The inner and outer tubes,
 Now the inner and outer tube out of packing.
Now i cut the outer tube, to the length of the tube fly i want. the above is 1/12" inch long,
 Now i trim a notch out of the outer tube.
 Now i put the inner tube inside the outer tube.
 Now i put on the junction tube, which will hold your hook.
 Now i push the tube, onto the needle of the vice.

 Now i will put a hot spot on the back end of the tube, and coat it with Deercreek UV resin.
 Above the hot spot finished,

Now i wind on some thread, to the front part of tube. this will lock the inner tube to the outer tube, and to make sure it does not move. and dab of super glue,
 Now just in front of the hot spot, catch in the thread i am using Danville 70 denier white.
 Now i tie in a tail of pink floss,
 Now i tie in oval silver ribbing,
 Now i tie in sparkle dubbing. in pink.
 Now the front part of body, i dub in purple dubbing and rib both.
 Now i tie in a saddle hackle of pink,
 Here the hackle is finished,
 Now i tie in the under wing, but tie it in reverse.
 Now i tie in the top wing, over the under which is held down by top wing.
 Now i tie in cheeks of jungle cock.
 Now i tie in the front hackle, of purple.
 Above i have wound on the hackle.
 Now i trim the hackle,
 Now i push on cone head, and melt back inner tube with lighter which the cone is pushed onto.
 And above, the fished tube fly.
 And more colors, top blue and black.
 And Red and black.
And black and purple, 
Try these tube they are very easy to tie, and fish very well.