Thursday 23 August 2012

Blue Charm, step by step.

 Place the hook in vise, here i have use a Salar size 7 silver.
 Now catch in the thread, Danville 70 denier yellow. and tie in the oval tinsel for tag and rib, 
 Here i have put four turns for the tag,
 Now i have changed the thread, to black 70 denier. for the body and tie in the tail of GP crest,
 Now trim the unwanted part of the tail crest,
 Now run the rib up the body, and tie off.
 Now tie in Silver Doctor blue hackle, by the tip.
 Now tie off the stem of hackle,
 Here i have trimmed off the hackle stem,
 Now tie in a wing of natural squirrel, and a tiny touch of varnish to lock in.
 Now you need a teal breast feather, cut the centre stem to leave a v in feather, 
 Now place the stem though eye of hook, and take a few turns of thread.
 Now pull the feather down though eye of hook,
 Now here i have pulled the feather, cleaned up and a few coats of varnish.
And above the blue charm, tied on size 7 and size 15.


  1. Hi , what's the hackle you used on this pattern ? I done it with Chinese neck for 10 years, but the neck doesn't allow a lots of flies in small size, so I'd like to change them for a new material.

    1. Hi Fabrice, I use a Whiting her cape, this feather gives you lots of movement.
      Good tying,