Friday 24 August 2012

Blue Spey, Step by step.

 Here is a step by step, of a pattern i use a lot for my Sewin and Salmon fishing.
Place the hook in the vise, here i am tying on a Alex Jackson size 5 silver.
 Catch in the thread, just in the split loop of the eye. here i am using Danville 140 denier,
 Here i have tied in oval tinsel, for the tag and rib, size medium silver.
 Now tie in blue floss for the but,
 After tying in the but, run the thread up to the eye of hook.and clean up the materials,and tie in the rib.
 Now we tie in the rear body, of holographic silver tinsel.
 Here i have wound on the holographic tinsel, down to the but and back up the hook. then ribbed the tinsel,   
 Now we tie in the body hackle, i have used a Whiting silver doctor blue saddle cape.
 Now this is why i have used 140 denier thread white, being white you can hind it easy. plus i split in thread and put in SD blue seals fur, i prefer to split the thread then have a dubbing loop.
 Now wind on the dubbing,
 Now we put five turns of the oval rib, then follow the hackle tight behind the rib.
 Now trim off the unwanted materials,
 Now i tie in a collar of Guinea fowl feather, dyed pink. plus change thread to Danville 70 denier red,
 Now we tie in the wing, i have used Swan shoulder again SD blue. and clean up the head of the fly,
 And above the finished fly,
 Now tied in Orange, great colour for Salmon.
 Purple and pink, fishes well for both Salmon & Sewin.
 Black and red, great for both again.
The three together, hope you like the step by step. please give it a try,

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