Thursday 20 September 2012

Snaketruder, step by step.

 Hi This is a step by step, of my snaketruder. i designed this fly for my sewin fishing, were i wanted a light fly to give a big profile. but light enough to fish in shallow fish holding spots, so looking at Ed Wards intruder gave me the idea. above is the mount that i tie the fly on, it's wire that is used for stringing beads on. and it is nylon coated,  they make different sizes but i like the .024mm dia size, one thing when threading  the wire though the eye of the hook. you have to just strip off a small bit of the nylon coating, then you can push the two ends though the hook eye.
 Now we need to fix the wire into a loop, this is very easy. all you have to do is just lightly heat up the nylon coating, with a low flame on your gas lighter. and it will fuse the wire together, and don't worry it a very strong join. and will not pull apart, i have tried it on a spring balance to 60lb plus and it never broke. so you will do it with a fly rod for sure, above you can see the join.
 Above a close up of the join, and you can make the loop to the size you need the fly to be.
 Abov,e i have put the hook in vise. and on hook the other side of vise. the eye end of fly. this is a snake vise i have made. but you could do it with two vises, or if you have a Norvise will do.
 Here i have caught in the thread, i am using Danville 240 denier white.
 Now we need a dubbing pillow, to hold up the hackle that comes next. the dubbing i am using is the underfur, of a marble fox tail dyed orange,
 Above is the dubbing rope,
 Here i have wound on the dubbing rope, for the hackle pillow.
 Now tie in the rear hackle, here i am using a hot orange whiting saddle hackle.
 Above i have wound on hackle, and tied it off.
 Now i tie in some Ostrich, dyed light orange about six to eight lengths each side.
 Now i add some orange krystal flash,
 Now i make a dubbing loop, to take the next step. here i use Amherst tail dyed orange, 
 Here i have spun the loop, to make a Amherst hackle.
 Here i have wound on the dubbing loop, and cleaned it up.
 Now i need a section of mylar tubing, for the middle of the fly body. note i have opened the end that go's on first,
 Now i have taken the fly out of the vise, pushed on the mylar tight up to the rear hackle.
 Here is a close up of the way, that i have finished the mylar. and coated with Deecreek UV resin, and set with UV torch. and trim off thread which is danville 70 denier hot orange,
 Now it's time to start again, with the front hackles.
 The dubbing rope,is the same as the rear.
 The front hackle, is again tied the same as the rear.
 Front hackle finished,
 Again, Amherst for the front, in dubbing bloop.
 Above, the Amherst is wound on.
 Now i tie in, Orange dyed mallard flank feather.
 And above, the finished fly,k with cone head push on. and a small dab of glue and open up the wire eye.
 And above, two colors.
And above, close up of snaketruder flies. top tied lightly, and bottom tied a little heaver. hope you like the snaketruder and step by step.

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