Wednesday 5 September 2012

UV Resin Buzzer, step by step.

 Here is a step by step, of a type of buzzer i use a lot. an a range of other colors, this is tied on a size 14 grub hook.
Above the UV resin that i use, i like the brush in bottle. but Deercreek do a big range of UV resin, as i find it easy to use, plus the lazer diode pen torch. this sets the resin in  11/2 sec, supper fast with the lazer diode torch. 

 Catch on your thread, here i am using Danville 70 denier white.
 Now catch in some mirage tinsel, this is why i am using white thread as a base. it makes the mirage very bright and nice tag,
Above, the tinsel has been wound on, and tied off.
 Now i have changed thread, to Danville black and tied in a extra fine copper mirage rib.
 Now i have run the rib, up over the black body.
 Now i have trimmed off the rib, run the thread up hook. and tied in the breathing filaments,
 Now just build up the thorax, with the tread.
 Now just tie in your flexy-floss, with one turn of thread.
 Now, take each side of the floss, up over the breathing tubes.
 Now trim off the floss,
 Now a few more turns, to clean up the head. and then trim, now you can see shape of thorax,
 Now i coat with one coat of, Deercreek UV resin. and set with UV torch,

 Above, top view of buzzer.
 And above, is one of my skinny buzzers, no thread just Deer creek UV resin. and i use marker pens to give color, these fish very well and catch a lot of fish.These again can be done in a number of colors,
 Above, Black and gold rib buzzer, with herl thorax.
And to view, i always tied these with Sally-hansan nail varnish. but they would take an age to dry, but these days with the Deercreek UV resin. they take minutes to do. 

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