Tuesday 2 October 2012

Kyley tube fly, step by step.

 Here is the step by step, of the Kyley. i am tying it on a 3/4" inch copper tube, i use a 6" long sewing needle which i push though the tube. and the vise is a eumer tube vise,
 Here i catch on the thread, i am using Danville 70 denier black.
 When running the thread down the tube, i catch in the oval tinsel.
 Here you can see i have done the tag, and tied in the tinsel up the tube.
 Here you can see, that i have tied in the tinsel. back down the tube ready for the rib.
 Now i tie in the tail, i have used bucktail orange.
 Now i tie in the krystal flash orange, i have use four strands.
 Now over the top of the tail, i tie in a Golden pheasant breast feather.
 Now i have pulled to the length i want, and use the tying thread to do the tag.
 Now i tie in the gold holographic tinsel body.
 Above, i have run the tinsel body up the tube body. and tied off,
 Now i run the oval tinsel rib, over the tag and gold tinsel body. and tie off,
 Now it's time to tie in the hackle, i have used a Whiting saddle hackle hot orange.
 As you can see her,e i have used a long hackle. my thought that it gives lot's of movement,
 Now i use the tying thread, for the forward body. and also tie in oval tinsel for the rib,
 Here i have run the oval tinsel, up over the forward body. there is no need for a rib, but i think it does finish it off better looking.
 Now it's time to tie in the over bucktail,
 Above, i have trimmed the bucktail and tie off.
 Now i tie in the cheeks of Jungle cock.
 Here i have trimmed the jungle cock, and tied in the throat of guinea fowl. dyed blue,
 And above the finished tube,
And above,showing three tyings of the Kyley i do. the top one is the one in the step by step, the middle is the same dressing. but with a black back squirrel main which does look good in the water, and the bottom one is the Kyley shrimp. i will be putting up a step by step of tying it soon, hope you like the step by step. give it a go and fish it,

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