Tuesday 11 September 2012

Double hackle piglet, step by step.

 Here i an using a Deercreek gold double hook size 6, catch in the thread Danville hot orange 70 denier.
 Now catch in the oval tinsel, for the tag and rib.
 Here i have tied in the tail, orange bucktail and flash.
 Now i tie in the 4 wild boar bristles,
 Here i have put varnish on body,
 Here i have ribbed the body, and coated with Deercreek UV resin.
 Now tie in the middle hackle,
 Here i have wound on the middle hackle,
 Now we tie in the rib, for the forward body,
 Here i have done the body, with the tying thread and ribbed.
 Now we tie in the front hackle,
 Here i have wound on the front hackle,
 And above, the finished fly with jungle cock cheeks.
 Top view of fly,
Bottom view of fly, great little fly that catches a good few fish.

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