Monday 3 September 2012

Pike bucktail, hollow bait pattern.

 This is a great pattern, that i have used for pike and bass in smaller sizes. you can get a big profile but a light fly to cast,
Place the hook in vise, here i am using a Sakuma 545 manta extra size 6/0. and tie in a bunch of orange bucktail, the thread is Danville 3/0.
 Above i have trimmed the unwanted bucktail, plus added some orange flash.
 Here i have tied in some yellow bucktail, in reverse tips pointing to eye of hook.note how i have built up thread to a cone, this will hold the bucktail back when pushed back to bend of hook.
 Here i have tied in a light green, and pushed it back over the yellow. and also tied in an orange in reverse again.
 Now i have tied in some green flash, if you want you can also cover the join with friz. but i don't see the need as it is covered,
 In this photo, i am showing you how i push the bucktail back. it's easy using the outer cover of a ball point pen,
 Here you can see, i have coned up the thread against the bucktail. and added fome more flash,
 Now that i am coming close to the eye of the hook, i don't use as much bucktail. this will give you a better taper to the nose of the fly,
 Now i have pushed back the first collar of green, and tied in another light collar in reverse.
 Now above, i am pushing the last collar of bucktail near the eye of the hook.
 Here i have tied in a small cone of thread, at the eye of hook. now at this point all the collars of bucktail, are all sticking out at right angles. so now we have to hold this tie under a hot water tap, the bucktail will the blend back in to shape  of the hook. like magic hehehe.
 Above i have tied in some dyed red jungle cock, for the eyes and used hot red to tie them in. note how you get a nice hollow light profile of a bait pattern,
 Head on view, showing round profile.

And above two photos, showing different  views. this is a tie you can make big or small, but it is very light to cast on a fly rod.

Hope you like the pattern, 

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