Sunday 22 December 2013

Salmon snake fly, step by step.

 This is a fly i use a lot, when the river is running with a bit of water. i am not one for using a spinning rod, just love to fly fish. and by using a large fly fish will pick it up better than a small one, the fly is tied on plastic coated wire used for craft work. like bead work, and you can tie very large flies but being very light to cast with a fly rod.   
 Above, You can see i have doubled over the wire to the length of the fly i want. and then melted the plastic coating together, it is a very strong weld and i have done pull tests on it. to over 60lb without it pulling apart, so as you can see its a very strong fly.
 Above, you can see the mount ready to take the body covering, i will use mylar tubing.
 Above is the mylar i will be using, you can get it in hobby craft shops. 
 Now i thread the mylar on a threading tool, the tool is used a lot in carp fishing. for threading bait on hook,
 Now i have threading the mylar on the mount,
 After threading on mylar, i will tie it on over the hook shank.
 Above is the flash i am using for the tail of fly,
 Now tie in the flash,
 Now fold back, the forward part of flash.
 Now i will coat the thread, with Deercreek UV resin.
 Close up of the tail.
 Now i mount the snake fly, i mount in my snake fly vise.
 Now i tie in the first hackle, i am using a Whiting yellow saddle.
 Here i have wound on the hackle,
 Hackle is trimmed,
 Now i get ready to tie in the first wing,
 The color is golden yellow,
 Above the first wing is tied in,
 Now i am going to tie in some hot yellow flash.
 Above, the flash is tied in.
 Now i tie in the next part of the wing, using hot orange.
 Now i tie in the wing topping, black.
 Now i need more flash,
 The flash i have used to top off, is rainbow.
 Now its time to tie in the front hackle, again i have used a Whiting saddle in hot orange.
 Now i tie in some jungle cock, i have used on this tie soft plastic ones.
 Above the fly in vise, all i need to do now is coat the head.
And above, the finished snake fly. i use these a lot on the river Towy and catch a lot of fish on them, plus my mates have done very well on the as well.

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