Sunday 12 January 2014

Rabbit zonker strip, salmon fly step by step.

 First place tube in vice, here i am using a 1" inch copper tube.
 Now we catch in the tying thread, here i am using Danville 140 denier white.
 Now i have tied in the rib, oval medium gold.
 Here you can see, i have mixed up some bucktail. in orange and yellow to use as as the tail ,
 Now i have cleaned up the unwanted bucktail, and tied in some gold Krystal flash.
 Now i have tied in gold holographic tinsel, for the body.
Now above i have run the tinsel, down the body to the tail. and back up to the head of the tube, and wound on the oval tinsel rib.
 Now its time for the wing, these days we have a great range of colours to use.
 Now we tie in the wing, tie in the zonker strip. with the flow of the rabbit hair,
 Now i have trimmed the zonker strip, to the length i want.
 Now i tie in the first hackle, i have used a whiting hen cape dyed yellow over white.
 Above, i have wound on the first hackle.
 Now it's time to tie in the head hackle, this time it is dyed hot orange.
 Here you can see the head hackle wound on,
 Now i have tied in some Jungle cock cheeks, but i have used Prosport plastic JC.
 Above i have tied off the thread, and as you can see. i have change from white to orange 70 denier size,
 And above, i have put in a lining tube. and varnished the head of fly, this is my take on the cascade.
 And above, i have tied this fly in orange.
 And above, my take on the Junction shrimp.
And above, all three colours together. please give these a go the patterns have lots of movement,

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