Wednesday 4 December 2013

Ally Shrimp, step by step.

 Above, is a fly i always have in my fly box, it's the Ally shrimp it just works on all waters. sewin(sea trout) and salmon just love the pattern,
 Above, Place the hook you are using in the vise, here i am tying on a size 6 double hook. and catch in the tying thread,
 Now we tie in the rib, i am using size medium oval tinsel.
 Here above, i have wound on the butt.
 Above, before i tie in the tail, i have taken the oval tinsel back ready for the rib. and then tie in the tail, i have used orange bucktail. 
 Now i have wound on the back body, black and forward body red. i have just used tying thread, and tied in some strands of orange Krystal flash.
 Above, You can see now, that i have wound on the rib over the red/ black body. and then tied in the top wing, and the throat using squirrel tail hair.
 Now i have tied in the over wing, using golden pheasant tippet feather. after tying in feather with a few turns, just pull feather to the length you want the over wing.
 Now we tie in the hackle, i have used a orange saddle hackle. tied in at the tip of the feather,
 Now i have trimmed off the unwanted part of feather, and ready to build a head and varnish.
And above the finished the fly, as i have said i am never without this pattern. it just catches fish ever were you fish it.,

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