Friday 13 December 2013

Cascade, step by step.

 This is another fly, that i always have in my fly box. like the Ally shrimp it just seams to catch on every river it go's on, here i am tying the fly on a size 6 double which i get off Deercreek fishing tackle.
 Now catch in the tying thread, i am using Danville 6/0 70 denier black.
 Now i tie in the butt,oval tinsel size medium,
 Now as you can see, i have wound on the butt and just taken a few turns of thread to hold in place.
 Here i have taken the tinsel, back down the shank between the hooks. the reason for this is to wrap the rib,
 Here i have bucktail mixed for the tail of fly, orange and yellow.
 I like the tail to be about two, to two and a half times the length of hook shank.
 Above you can see, that i have trimmed the unwanted material. and tied in some orange krystal flash,
 Now i have tied in some silver holographic tinsel,for the rear part of the body.
 And then you can see, i have used the black tying thread. for the forward part of body, and now you can see i have brought  the oval tinsel back in to play. by winding on a rib over the both parts of the body,
 Now i tie in the wing, of black squirrel tail.
 Above now you can see, that i have tied in some fine pearl flash over the squirrel wing.
 Now i tie in the first hackle, here i am using a yellow hen saddle feather. as i think it gives the fly more movement, as the hen feather is a lot softer. plus i have tied it in by the tip of the feather,
 Above, you can see the feather wound on and trimmed.
 Now we tie in the front hackle, again i have used a hen saddle feather. this time in orange and again tied in at the tip of feather,
 Above, i have wound on the front hackle, which now needs to be trimmed.
And above is the finished fly, as i have said don't go with out this one. i have them in my boxes from size 4 down to size 15, for all water conditions, give it a try it is a easy fly to tie. 

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