Monday 15 July 2013

Alexander tube fly, step by step.

 Here is a fly i use a lot, tied on a tube like this step by step. and also on single and double hooks, as well as trebles hooks and snake flies. and have to say the pattern catches a lot of fish for me. 
In the photo above, i have pushed tube on to the needle i use for tying tube flies. i have cut the tube to 11/2" inch long,
 Now i have caught in the thread, i am using 70 denier Danville thread red. and after catching in the red holographic tinsel for the body, i run the thread to the head of the tube.
 Now when i have the tinsel to the head of the fly, i tie it off and trim off the unwanted tinsel.
 Now here i coat the tinsel with Deercreek UV resin, and set it with uv torch it sets in 2/3 seconds. with out the need to rib it with oval tinsel to keep it in place, after catching a few fish on it,  the uv coating is far better. 
 Now i tie in the first wing, here i have used black bear hair.
Now i tie in the throat,  i use marble fox dyed red.
 Now i add some flash, here i have used fine holographic tinsel red.
 And above i have folded back the forward part of flash, and tied it in.
 Now i tie in the top wing, of peacock sword feather.
 Now its time for the cheeks, i have used Jungle cock.
 Above i have cleaned up the head and trimmed the thread.
 Now i have a coat if thinned nail varnish, on head.
 And above, the finished tube fly. with lining tube a coat of Deercreek UV resin plus hook.

 And above in the two photos, a range of colours i tie and use myself.
Above, you can see what i make my tube flies out of. it tubing you get from a modelling shop for making steam engines, you can get it in brass/ copper and aluminium. and easy to cut with a safety razor blade. out side dia is 33/2" making a nice slim tube body, 

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