Friday 22 February 2013

GP Shrimp spey fly, step by step.

The GP shrimp, i tied for a competition with the flyfishing and flytying magazine, in the Salmon and sea trout section. and above is a certificate they sent me about the tie, saying a was also a great modern  look on on a spey fly.
 Right here is a step by step, of my Golden Pheasant shrimp spey fly. this is a great pattern for sewin and salmon, and i have used in salt water and caught bass and flounders on it.
 The hook in vise, here i am tying on a Alex Jackson size 5. the thread is black Danville 70 denier,
 Now i catch in black floss for the body,
 And when wind the thread down the shank, tie in oval tinsel for rib.
 Above, a orange dyed Golden pheasant skin, showing the back rump feathers. that i will be using for the tail,
 Above, a rump feather, with the fluffy part of the feather removed.
 Now tie in the feather by stem,
 Now pull the feather up the shank, to the length you need.
 And now i have run the thread up shank, and trimmed the unwanted part of feather.
 Now its time to tie in the hackle, here i am using a Golden pheasant large breast feather.
 This feather will be tied in by the tip,
 Now i have tied in the feather, and run thread down the shank to the eye. 
 Now i have run the black floss down the shank to the eye, followed by the rib.
 Now i have trimmed off the unwanted floss, and tinsel. doubled the feather, and getting ready to wind hackle down the shank.
 And above, i have run the hackle down the shank of hook, and you must wind it tight behind the rib.
 Now its time to tie in a collar, using a breast feather like the body hackle. but this one is dyed orange,
 Now tie it in by the tip,
 Above, i have wound the collar, and tied it off.
 Above, i have now trimmed off the unwanted stem of feather.
 Now above, i have picked two rump feathers, again off a GP pheasant in orange.
 Now i have cleaned off the unwanted fluff, of the base of feather. and sized it to the size i want for the shell of fly,
 Now i tie them in, one on top of the other.
 Above showing fly from top. you can also tie these in tented if you want.
 Above showing finished fly from above, and as you can see i have tied in Jungle cock cheeks.
And above, showing side view of fly, i tie this pattern in a number of colors. being  Black, black/ orange, all orange, all red and pink. have been the colors that work for me,

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