Monday 4 March 2013

Killer shrimp, step by step.

 This pattern i have been using for about two seasons, and it works very well. this pattern i tied for the fly fishing and fly tying magazine. for the saltwater section, and they commented  on the pattern. say it was tied to a high standard, and that with this fly on your line. you would feel very confident in catching a fish,
The hook is a size 4 carp hook.

Above, what the magazine flyfishing and flytying, sent me.

 Tie in the thread, i am using Danville 140 denier white.
 Now tie in some squirrel tail hair, for the feelers.
 Trim off the unwanted hair, and run thread up hook to eye.
 Now i will tie in two long feelers, using Amhurst tail dyed orange.
 Above, i have tied in the two long feelers.
 Now i tie in some 6lb b/s clear mono, this is for the rib.
 Now i tie in some flash as feelers,
 Now its time to make the eyes for the shrimp, i use 20lb b/s clear mono. burn the end with lighter to stop a small black bead falling off,
 Now above, you can see that i have coated the bead with Deercreek UV resin. it locks it in place and forms a nice round black eye,
 Now we tie in the eyes,  
 Above i have wrapped the mono on body,  and bring the tying thread back to the shrimps eyes.
 Now it's time for the shrimps legs, i use a grizzly feather natural.
 Now measure up the length of fibers, that you want for the legs. not i have tied in the feather upside down, or set it concave so when you wind the feather on. the fibers will face forward,
 Above the feather is wound on,
 Now i have trimmed the feather on top, and cleaned up the tie.
 Now it's time to tie in the shell back, i have used Veniards shell back light green.
 Now you pull the shell back forward, to the front of shrimp. and now you use the 6lb clear mono to rib around body,
 Above, i have tied off the rib, and cleaned up the tie.
 Now above, i have coated the shell back, again with Deercreek UV resin. and showing top of shrimp,
And above, side view of finished shrimp. i have tied this pattern from size 10 to size 2, and have caught sewin / bass/ flounders / grayling / trout and hooked one salmon which came off before landing.

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