Sunday 3 February 2013

Czech nymph (leaded) step by step.

Here is a sbs, on a Czech nymph that has fished well for me for grayling and trout.
Place the hook in vise, here i am tying on a Knapek Czech nymph hook size 10.
Above i have put down a layer of white thread, which is Danville 70 denier and a layer of round lead

Now i have wound on anothe layer of lead,
And again, another layer of lead i have been using medium size.
Now i tie in some clear 6lb mono for rib, and coat the lead with thread and varnish to hold it all in place.
Now i have taken the thread back to the bend of hook, and dubbed on some hare ear hair to the thread
Above i have dubbed whole body, and put a pink hot spot in the middle of body.
Now i tie in some body stretch pink for the back of nymph,
Above, you can see i have pulled the body stretch to the rear of nymph. and tied it in,
Here i use a debarbing tool, to flatten the body of the nymph. to give it a nice shrimpy look, not round. and use a dubbing brush to bring out the fibers of the hares ear to form legs of the nymph. 
Now above, you can see the slimmer look.
Now i have used a marker pen to darken the head of nymph, and coated the body stretch with Deercreek UV resin,
And above, showing the back of Czech nymph.

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