Saturday 16 February 2013

Wiggily blood worm buzzer, step by step.

 Here is a buzzer/ blood worm pattern, which i have made up from the past. to give you fly a bit more movement in the water, Place the hook in vise here i am using a Kamasan B100 size 10.
 Catch in you thread on shank of hook, here i am using Danville red 70 denier.
 Now catch in some micro Holographic tinsel red, run the thread down to the bend keeping thread flat. by spinning thread bobbin back,
 Above, i have run the thread back up hook, again keeping thread flat.
 Now, wind the tinsel back up the shank in even turns.
 Now i shape the body, were the wing buds will be.
 Now its the turn to tie in the flexi floss, to make the shaped wing buds. catch in the flexi floss above the hook eye, leaving about 1" inch.
 Now we take the flexi floss, under the hook shank and tie it in above the first tie.
 When you are happy with the way the flexi floss is sitting, trim the tying thread.
 Now we need to seal in the wing buds, we do this with Deercreek UV resin. which dries in 2/3 seconds under a UV torch, with buzzesr i tend to use a UV laser diode pen torch.
 Above you can see that i have sealed the wing buds,
 And now above, i have coated the whole blood worm buzzer. and i have used a black permanent marker pen, these feelers stand out a lot in the water. and when drawing it though the water they wave about, and bring the pattern alive. and takes can be very savage,
And above you have the Apps blood worm pattern, which again is very easy to tie. but fishes very well, 

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