Tuesday 29 January 2013

Irish shrimp, step by step.

 Here is the Wilkinson Irish shrimp pattern step by step, these are a great style of fly. and do catch a lot of fish, i also like tying these on a slim tube. this one is tied on a gold Deercreek size 6 double,
 Now after putting hook in vise, catch on the thread. here i am using Danville white 70 denier,
 Now we catch in the oval tinsel medium silver, for the tag.
 Here the tag is wrapped on, and tied off and trimmed.
 Now we tie in the tail, here we use a Golden pheasant  breast feather. which is doubled and wound on,
 Above the feather is wound on, and tied off.
 Now trim off the unwanted feather parts,
 Now tie in the rib,
 Here i have tied in the silver body, and wound it on.
 Above, i have wound on the rib and trimmed off.
 Now i tie in the Silver Doctor saddle hackle, 
 Here i have wound on centre hackle,
 Now trim of unwanted hackle, and clean up.
 Now tie in rib and forward body tinsel.
 Above, i have wound on body tinsel, and rib. and tied in head hackle maroon in color.
 Above, i have wound on front hackle, and tied in jungle cock eyes. and need to varnish head,
 Above, top view of shrimp fly,
 Above side view of shrimp fly,
 Above, is a Irish shrimp, tied on a 1" inch tube.

And above, left two doubles top a light and bottom dark Wilkinson Irish shrimp. and on the right two tubes, top purple shrimp. and bottom a black shrimp,

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