Wednesday 10 April 2013

The Alrounder, Sewin (sea trout) salmon fly.

 Hi This is a fly that i use a lot, its the alrounder. it has all the materials and colours, that make a first class sewin fly. and also a good salmon fly, i am tying the fly on a Alec Jackson size 3 steelhead/ salmon hook. 
 Catch in the thread, i am using Danville black 70 denier. catch in at the end of the loop, and run down to the point of hook.
 Now i tie in the tail, i am using Golden Pheasant crest feather.
 Now tie in the rib, silver oval tinsel.
 Now i wax the thread up,
 Here i have dub the thread, using black seals fur. and wound dubbing down to eye of hook,
 Now i wind on five turns of the oval tinsel, i have used medium size.
 Now tie in the hackle, i have used a dyed black saddle hackle.
 Above, i have wound on the hackle.
 Here above, i have trimmed off unwanted hackle.
 Now i have tied in, red dyed Arctic fox fur for under wing.
 Now tie in middle wing, black dyed Arctic fox. if you want you can tie in some flash, between the red and black but i don't see the need for it.
 Now i tie in the wing topping, with peacock sword feather.
 And above, the finished fly with jungle cock cheeks.
And above, three finished flies. this is a great combo of materials and colours, and as i said a fly that i have so much confidence in. and a fly that always catches, and i tie this pattern also on tubes / waddington and snake flies. give it a go sure you will be happy with the results it will give you,. 

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