Thursday 17 January 2013

Waddington shank, step by step.

The waddington shank is a great platform, for tying many forms of flies. and i do use them a lot, for my salmon and sewin flies. First place the shank in vice, here i am tying on a size 3 waddington.a size i use a lot,  
 Now catch in your thread, here i am using Danville white 70 denier. and i have tied in the body holographic body silver, i will only be doing one coat of the tinsel. so make sure it is just overlapping each turn,
 Here i have run the tinsel up the shank, and tied it off.
 The next move is to coat the holographic, with Deercreek uv resin. this is very good as it makes the tinsel bomb proof, in the old days you would have wound the tinsel with a rib. to help keep it on the hook or shank, 
 Above showing the UV torch, setting the resin it will set in 3 seconds.
I also like to use pearl on some of my waddingtons and tubes, you will have to use a bright base on these ties. as when wet pearl mylar or tinsel, will take on the color of whats underneath them when wet.  Above you can see two shanks, with them covered with the same pearl mylar. you will note that one on top is a lot lighter, than the bottom one. the reason being that the bottom one has no base to it, and it will take on the color underneath. i have seen tiers put a layer of white thread on the shank to try and keep the mylar light, this does not work at all when fished. as the water will soak in to the thread and go dark as the shank, the best is to use the same method i use. and and just put a layer of silver tinsel, that way it will stay very bright.
 Now tie in the throat hackle, here i am using a black saddle hackle.
 Above i tie off the end of hackle,
 Now above the fly is ready for the first under wing,
 On this tie, i am using marble fox tail hair, i get all my  hair off Sue at Foxytails. she is getting great hair in all the time. she was telling me she has lots of new colors, and hair in the end of the month cant wait to see what she has in. above is a section i have cut off a whole tail,
 Above i catch in the under wing,
 Now i catch in the micro holographic tinsel red,
 Now tie in the middle wing, black marble fox again.
 Now tie in micro silver tinsel,
 Now i tie in the over wing, this time its peacock herl. 
 Above i have trimmed of the unwanted herl, and tied off the white thread.
 Now i have changed to Danville 70 denier red to finish the head. and tie in the cheeks of jungle cock,
 Now the shank is finished,
Above the the waddington is finished with hook, and shrink tube to hold hook in place. i use this pattern a lot for my salmon and sewin fishing, i also tie it on tube's , doubles and singles.


  1. Pfantastic and easy to ty, wat a surprise,but wat cost the Waddington??

  2. Einstein said simplify simplify this is a good example...well done !