Tuesday 24 October 2017

Single flatwing for saltwater seatrout and bass.

Hi,This is a pattern i use a lot for sewin (sea trout) and bass in the local esturys and sea marks, i like this pattern as you can see. i use the color gray as in the summer mouths the are a lot of baby mullet  bass and sandeel about and it matches there color, but as you will see at the end of step by step. you can use other colors to match other small fish,

 First place hook in vise, this is a size 2 VENIARDS OSPREY SALTWATER.
 These are the hooks i like for my saltwater flies, the Veniards Osprey stainless hooks.
 Now tie in the thread and run down the shank, to the point of the hook.
 This is the thread i use for my saltwater and pike flies, in 110 & 210 denier. its white but if you want it in a color. use a marker pen it takes the color fine, 
 Now i coat the thread with super glue, 
 Here i use flo white for the tail and belly of fly.
 Here i tie in the tail, and use the hair from the base of the bucktail. as it is hollow and i like the way it spreads out, 
 Now i have cleaned up the tie.
 Here i have whipped it up tight,
 Now i tie in some flash, i really like Veniards Krinkle mirror flash in pearl for this pattern.
 Next tie in the flash to the far side after the near side.
 Here i use a light Dun for the tail, on this one it is a saddle cape.
 Above the saddle hackle is tied in,
 This red braid is for the body of the pattern.
 Now the braid is tied in,
 Now i coat the body with super glue, before i wind on the body braid.
 Now i wind on the body braid,
 Now i have cleaned up the body,
 Now i will coat the body with BUG-BOND, this makes the braid a nice deep shine. 
 Above finshed body,
 Above is the bucktail gray dun for wing,
 Above the throat of white bucktail,
 Now the wing is tied in,
 Head is cleaned up.
 Now its time for over wing, i use Veniards fringe wing,
 Above a close up of the Martial, its a fine Mobil  flash. you just cut off the amount of flash you need,
 Now i have tied i a small slip of flash,
 Above i have cleaned up the head,
 Now its time to add the eyes, here i have used 6mm eyes.

 I use BOND-BUG to fix the eyes,
 After fixing the eyes, i start to fill in the gap between the eyes, and start to set the UV BOND-BUG resin with UV torch, 

 Now i give the eyes a full coat of BOND-BUG Around the out side of eyes.
 Above the finshed fly, tied on a size 2 VENIARDS OSPREY SALTWATER HOOK.
 Above a set of the gray flatwings, IN SIZES 8, 6,4 & 2.
 And above a few more colors that work well, hope you like the pattern give it a try. 


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