Saturday 10 January 2015

My Snaketruder step by step.

 Here is the wire i use for this fly pattern,  the snakeintruder you can see a length of wire cut ready to join in a circle.
 Above the lighter i use to melt the nylon coating on wire, i alway cut the wire 2" longer then i want the fly. so if i want a 4" long fly, i would cut 10" of wire and make a 1" over lap both ends and melt the join giving me a 4" fly.  
 Close up of the wire ring, showing weld at the top.
 Above the vise i use is one i made myself, as i do tie a lot of snake flies also.
 Above i catch in the thread, i am using Danville 210 denier white. and super glue the thread,
 Now i tie in the chenille as a pillow to hold up the hackle that follows.
 Now wind on the chenille, in a small ball.
 Now i use a dyed purple GP pheasant crest hackle,
 Catch in the hackle by the tip.
 Above, the hackle is wound on.
 Now i have cleaned up the hackle,
 Now i tie in a badger saddle hackle dyed pink,
 Above the hackle is wound on,
 Hackle is now cleaned up.
 Now i need to cover the middle of fly body, i use mylar pipeing.
 I now use a threader, to put on the mylar. the tool i use is used a lot in carp fishing, called a stringer needle.
 Now i loosen the vise, take the wire off the hook and push the mylar on.
 Now i tie in the mylay body.
 Here i seal the thread,
 Setting the UV resin, with uv light.
 Above the resin i use is Deer creek, uv resin tack free and in my mind the best.
 Now its time to start on the head of fly. dab of super glue on top.
 Now tie in a pillow of Chenille again.
 Above i put a brass cone over the chenille, to add a bit of weight if needed.
 Now tie in front hackle, by the tip again.
GP Hackle wound on,
 Now i tie in a pink badger hackle,
 Hackle cleaned up.
 Now i tie in some Amherst tail feather, dyed blue and pink..
 Above i have tied in a two tone wing, of blue and pink with flash.
 Now its time to add cheeks, jungle cock dyed pink.
 JC tied in,
 Head cleaned up.
And here the finished fly, ready for the hook. Partridge Z4 intruder hook,

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