Tuesday 13 November 2012

Bronze mallard Akroyd

 This is my take on the pattern Akroyd, but using a bronze mallard spey wing. although i also use the same pattern with a Dee, i do like it tied and fished this way. here i am tying the fly on a Blue heron size 3 hook.
 Now i tie in the thread at the head of the hook, and then run thread back down to the point of the hook. here i am using Danville thread 70 denier white,
 Now we tie in the tail, using Golden pheasant crest feather.
 Here i have tied in Golden pheasant tippet feather, on top of the crest feather.
 Here i have trimmed off unwanted material, and cleaned up with the tying thread.
 Now i tie in the rib, for the rear body.
 And here i have dubbed the rear body, with orange seals fur.
 Now i tie in the rear hackle, to be wound over the dubbing. back down the hook to the point,
 Here i have wound the hackle on, and over wound the rib back up hook. this is to lock in the hackle,
 Now i tie in some Ostrich herl, for the join in the body.
 Here i have wound on the ostrich, and will trim off unwanted end.
 Now it is time ti tie in the materials for the forward body, here i have tied in the spey hackle and rib,
 And here i tie in black floss, for the body.
 Now i have wound on the body floss,
 Now i wind on the rib, note i have done five turns as with the back ribbing. that is the norm with ribbing,
 Now here i have wound on the hackle, tight behind the rib which is size medium.
 Now its time to tie in the collar, here i have use natural  mallard flank feather.
 Here i have tied in the collar, and wound on three turns.
 Here i have trimmed off unwanted material,
 Now i tie in the jungle cock cheeks low,
 Now i tie in the wings, i always tie these in and leave the centre feather stem on. this will help to stop the the feather splitting when tying in,
 Here i have trimmed off unwanted wing material,
 And above the finished fly, with a coat of varnish on head.
And above, some of the colors i use. orange/ pink & olive.
 And here is another take on the fly, tied in all orange great for prawn / shrimp pattern,
And here i have used slim genetic feather tips in orange, for the Dee wing i like these as they stand up better for casting and fishing.

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